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Syng is an audio company based in Venice, California. The company is led by industrial design veteran, Christopher Stringer, who has contributed to over two decades of Apple products. Joining him are co-founders, Damon Way, serial entrepreneur and seasoned brand builder (DC Shoes, Incase), and Afrooz Family, an audio technologist with over 20 inventions during his time at Apple. They have formed a core team of experts in the realms of audio technology, design, engineering, and brand marketing to create Syng, the future of sound company. Together with a growing network of innovators, Syng is committed to reimagining the in-home audio experience through a singular hardware and software solution. Their new product architecture and audio format beautifully delivers all existing media standards while establishing the foundation of an experience platform designed for the future of entertainment through the creation, augmentation, and playback of sound out loud.