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Moodelizer uses a patented format, Dynamic Playback©, to create flexible, personalised and adjustable music for video, social media, games and much more.  Our proprietary container file format (.moo) consists of multiple audio files that combined with our own beat sync and time stretch algorithms provides music that can be controlled with any data point available. It can follow events, game progression, external triggers and is ultimately suitable for mobile video creation. It creates complete flexibility in realtime. Furthermore, the format contains a variety of meta information, such as tempo, type of music, bpm, time signature, creators, graphics, video, dynamic properties and a unique id.  

Moodelizer was formed in 2013 by high end professionals from both computer development and the music industry. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden and work globally, but are currently focusing on the South East Asian markets. We create exciting and disruptive Music Tech for future markets and are currently recruiting to grow our team of audio, DSP and full stack developers. Join the world of flexible music, goodbye static!