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Jason Dasent

Studio Jay Recording
Owner & CEO
Jason Dasent is the owner and operator of Studio Jay Recording Ltd. He has over 25 years experience in all aspects of recording and music production. Jason launched Studio Jay Recording in 2000 catering to both the Advertising Sector and Artiste Production for many top Caribbean recording artists.  He has done Music Scores/ Dialog Replacement & Post-Production for both films & documentaries. As a visually impaired person he has been at the forefront of the industry employing the latest technology and shaping the development of new Caribbean talent.  To achieve this he was challenged to overcome the limitations of mainstream music software when “accessibility” was in its infancy. This has enabled him to compete successfully with his sighted counterparts and makes him well poised to impart his knowledge and experience to other visually impaired producers and engineers. Having been part of a worldwide team of Beta testers for accessibility with AVID Protools since 2017, Jason was recognised for strides in this area in July 2019 by the Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA), and he and his wife, (Studio Jay’s Marketing Manager), were sent by CEDA on a mission to London to meet with key manufacturers of music production equipment in an effort to promote full accessibility of their product offerings. The trip was a success in that all three manufacturers contacted (Native Instruments, Focusrite/Novation and Spitfire Audio) have continued to move their products forward with the end goal of full accessibility using Jason as a Beta tester and hands on consultant to help guide their progress from the perspective of a professional user who is visually impaired.