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Christopher Buchanan

Audio Development Engineer
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Chris Buchanan is Audio Development Engineer for CereProc. He graduated with Distinction in the Acoustics & Music Technology MSc degree at the University of Edinburgh in 2016, after 3 years as a signal processing geophysicist with French seismic imaging company CGG. He also holds a BSc degree in Mathematics from the same university. As a freelancer, Chris has been involved with the core DSP driving technology offered by the likes of Goodhertz, Signum Audio in their professional dynamics monitoring suite, and published research on 3D audio in collaboration with the Acoustics & Audio Group Edinburgh. His research interests focus mainly on structural modelling/synthesis of the human voice and real-time 3D audio synthesis via structural modelling of the Head-Related Transfer Function. More recently he's taken on the challenge of singing synthesis, helping produce one of the world's first Text-to-Singing (TTS) systems thus enabling any voice to sing.