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Monday, November 18

09:30 GMT

Audio signal processing - A practical guide for coders (Level: Intermediate)
Limited Capacity filling up

This hands-on workshop will focus on building a deep, intuitive understanding of fundamental signal processing concepts with an emphasis on problems specific to audio. The session will be driven by coding examples of gradually increasing complexity rather than textbook definitions, axioms and theorems.

After finishing this workshop, participants will be able to build and analyse common audio signal processing systems and understand their key properties.

While maths cannot be fully avoided when discussing this topic, relying on mathematics will be kept to a minimum, and their usage will be demystified and explained in detail when necessary.

A C++/JUCE project with the coding examples, exercises and analysis tools used throughout the session will be shared with participants shortly before the workshop.

avatar for Zsolt Garamvölgyi

Zsolt Garamvölgyi

Audio DSP Consultant
Zsolt Garamvölgyi is a freelance Audio DSP Consultant. In the last five years he has been working with ROLI on the company's cross-platform synthesiser engine, Equator. Before ROLI he was a DSP Engineer at Blackstar Amplification where he developed the algorithms powering the highly... Read More →

Monday November 18, 2019 09:30 - 12:30 GMT
Cripplegate Room Puddle Dock, London EC4V 3DB

09:30 GMT

Build your first audio plug-in with JUCE (Level: Beginner)
Limited Capacity seats available

This workshop will guide you through the process of creating your first audio plug-in using the JUCE framework.
Writing an audio plug-in can be a daunting task: there are a multitude of plug-in formats and DAWs, working with live audio requires knowledge of real-time programming, and sharing data between the audio and GUI threads is full of subtleties. In this workshop you will learn from the experts the best practices in creating plug-ins using JUCE, with a focus on thread safety and DAW compatibility.

This workshop will cover
  • An introduction to JUCE
  • Configuring a plug-in project
  • Adding parameters to your plug-in and accessing them safely
  • Creating a basic GUI
  • Methods to simplify your plug-in’s code
  • Debugging and testing your plug-in

During the workshop attendees will create a simple audio plug-in under the guidance of the JUCE developers.

avatar for Ed Davies

Ed Davies

JUCE Software Engineer, JUCE
avatar for Tom Poole

Tom Poole

Lead Software Developer, JUCE

Monday November 18, 2019 09:30 - 12:30 GMT
Dowgate Room

09:30 GMT

Turn a JUCE plugin into a hardware instrument with Elk Audio OS (All Levels)
Limited Capacity filling up

In this workshop we present strategies and tools, using which existing audio plug-ins can very efficiently be deployed on high-performance embedded Linux devices, using Elk Audio OS, which will be released as open-source shortly after the event.

  • Each participant will create a complete hardware instrument, on which one or more JUCE synthesizer and/or FX plug-ins are running natively.
  • It will be possible to alter a few central parameters using physical controls. The other parameters will be accessible from a laptop, phone or tablet.
  • Participants will have learned and practised the steps needed during the workshop.

Elk will provide all needed hardware: a Raspberry PI board, one of our custom audio shieds, and a board with the physical knob, button and LED controls. We will also provide all the necessary software – a package centred on the Elk Audio Operating System and a build server ready to build and deploy plugins on the boards.

Requirements for participants:
  • A laptop (macOS / Windows / Linux) with an SSH terminal.
  • A working installation of the latest JUCE and Projucer 5.4.5 to build the examples.
  • Basic Linux / BASH knowledge.
  • Optional, but a good plus: basic Python knowledge.
  • Headphones with 3.5mm jack connector.

Additional requirements for those that want to build their own plugins

Participants interested in setting up the toolchain before the workshop can get in touch with the organizers by writing to developers@elk.audio.

avatar for Gustav Andersson

Gustav Andersson

Senior Software Engineer, Elk
Will code C++ and python for fun and profit. Developer, guitar player and electronic music producer with a deep fascination with everything that makes sounds in one form or another. Currently on my mind: modern C++ methods, DSP algos, vintage digital/analog hybrid synths.
avatar for Ilias Bergström

Ilias Bergström

Senior Software Engineer, Elk
Computer Scientist, Researcher, Interaction Designer, Musician, with a love for all music but specially live performance. I've worked on developing several applications for live performance and use by experts, mainly using C++.
avatar for Stefano Zambon

Stefano Zambon

CTO, Elk
Wearing several hats in a music tech startup building Elk Audio OS. Loves all aspects of music DSP from math-intense algorithms to low-level kernel hacking for squeezing latency and performance.

Monday November 18, 2019 09:30 - 12:30 GMT
Queenhithe Room Puddle Dock, London EC4V 3DB

14:00 GMT

Build a synth with SOUL (Level: Beginner)
Limited Capacity filling up

The SOUL language and audio platform was announced last year at ADC2018 and has since been available for people to play with on our soul.dev website. In this workshop, its creators Julian Storer and Cesare Ferrari will introduce you to the syntax and structure of the language and help you to build a synthesiser from first principles. At the end, there will be some hardware devices available on which participants will be able to run their creations.
This workshop will cover:
  • How to use the soul.dev website or a local SOUL installation to write and test your code
  • The philosophy and principles behind the SOUL architecture and syntax
  • How to create the building blocks of a simple synth from scratch
  • A Mac or Windows laptop
  • Some basic familiarity with audio coding of some kind

avatar for Julian Storer

Julian Storer

Programmer, ROLI
Creator of the widely-used C++ framework JUCE, and the DAW Tracktion.Currently working at ROLI where I helped launch our BLOCKs products, and where I work on JUCE and creating a new universal audio platform: SOUL.
avatar for Cesare Ferrari

Cesare Ferrari

Developer, ROLI

Monday November 18, 2019 14:00 - 17:00 GMT
Dowgate Room

14:00 GMT

Introduction to deep learning speech synthesis (Level: All)
Limited Capacity filling up

This workshop introduces the core concepts of modern deep learning based speech synthesis and allows users to learn-by-doing.
We will get hands-on experience with synthesising, training and analysing these research-derived models.
By the end, we will have a good understanding of how to make machines talk in a very human-like way.

  • 1st part: Introduction
  • 2nd part: Synthesise (Practical)
  • 3rd part: Understanding
  • 4th part:Training (Practical)
  • 5th part: Analysis/Evaluation (Practical)
  • 6th part: Where next? 
Session length: 1.5 hours

avatar for John Flynn

John Flynn

CTO, Speak AI
avatar for Ines Nolasco

Ines Nolasco

Machine learning researcher, Speak AI

Monday November 18, 2019 14:00 - 17:00 GMT
Queenhithe Room Puddle Dock, London EC4V 3DB

14:00 GMT

Writing applications with JUCE audio back-end and JavaScript front-end (React Native/Electron) (Level: Advanced)
Limited Capacity full

In this workshop we will focus on the integration of a React Native front-end (running natively on mobile and in Electron on desktop), a very popular choice amongst front-end developers not only for web applications but also for mobile and desktop platforms, with a JUCE based audio processing back-end. We will be writing code in C++, JavaScript (TypeScript), Objective-C and Java. 

avatar for Tom Duncalf

Tom Duncalf

Senior Software Engineer, Independent
Software developer currently leading development of the LUMI app for ROLI, using React Native, JUCE and Unity.
avatar for Lukasz Kozakiewicz

Lukasz Kozakiewicz

Senior Software Engineer, ROLI
Having passion for music and technology, Lukasz worked on products such as AKAI MPC software, JUCE framework as well as ROLI mobile and desktop apps. Currently working on the next generation of ROLI software, and writing code in various languages including C++, Objective-C, Java... Read More →

Monday November 18, 2019 14:00 - 17:00 GMT
Cripplegate Room Puddle Dock, London EC4V 3DB