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Axel Hensen

Bremen, Germany
Inspire to dare and defy limits.

About UJAM:

UJAM is all about realizing musical imagination. In 2009, we aspired to build the first cloud-based music creation studio, and promptly delivered:
Meanwhile, UJAM Studio is serving a growing community of 1.3 million creators. Based on UJAM studio’s core technology, we have developed a range of solutions that enable people to create, consume and interact with media in a fast-paced, always-online environment.

You can benefit from UJAM’s leading technological expertise and long-term experience in serving demanding clients and turning ideas into successful, state-of-the-art products. Let us build for you with rock-solid technology and carefully honed design methodologies.

We are product developers by heart and creators ourselves (musicians, DJs, photographers, graphic artists, writers) aspiring to build next-generation tools to the highest standards for you.

Our core values are centered around human beings – from a strong emphasis on proper interaction design to the agile and non-hierarchical way we organize ourselves.